The sculptures and installations of Willy Verginer are estranged and introduce the viewer to a whole new dimension of magic suspension. Verginer develops an original and unique visual language that combines painting with the art of sculpting. Beginning with traditional wood work as it is practiced in his hometown, Bressaone, he slowly detached himself from conventional schemes and began following his own style.

His sculptures radiate majesty and yet seem to be fragile. While moving between strong and delicate nuances, Verginer manages to create and gives the sculptures a high emotional quality and at the same time wrests their anonymity. By doing this he communicates through the sculpture and unfolds a new dimension of communication between the artwork and the viewer.

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Work NO. 4
Acrylic, House Paint on canvas




Work NO. 4

Acrylic, House Paint on canvas

Workin on New Stuff…

I’m finally zeroing in on the progression of my work.

I’m going to break the vague.

I want to explore my interests in the hard parts of life by shifting my gaze to the relationships between childhood memories and adult realities. That transition can be violent, unsettling, difficult to understand, and unexpected. What moments cause someone to mature more quickly? What moments are captured forevermore in our minds? Why do they stick out?

I’m looking at infusing the child-friendly playful nature of rhymes with the jarring realities life throws at us each day. I want to look and listen to things that are unsettling. I want to express a disconnect between the way we act and the way things really are.

Work still in progress…more of a test really- to get back into things.

A few verses:

The birds and the bees

They sing in the trees

The sun shining bright

Makes everything right

My grandmothers losing her hair.

My grandfather died

And everyone cried

He couldn’t recall

What my name was at all

I could go for a strong cup of coffee.

Got a real job.

Like…a job NOT in a coffee shop or restaurant…

I’m going to be a Ceramics Technician!

Needed some new pictures. Done.

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Well… I’ve been gone a while. Took a bit of time away from the studio and began to feel incredibly lazy. That’s about when my world stopped spinning for about thirty minutes.

I got a phone call three or so days ago that I decided to ignore because I didn’t know who it was and I wanted to ‘be wary of spamicists.’ I decided to google the area code and discovered it was from Chicago- a little closer to home than expected.

The next day my phone rang again- a call from the same number. I literally stared at the phone in my hand and felt as though I should answer it. Throwing caution to the wayside, I answered and was then punched in the face by a phone interview with a woman from Lillstreet about my application for the artist in residency program. At this point, I couldn’t remember how to breathe.

So until the chosen one is revealed on Friday, I will lay awake every night replaying the interview over and over and over and over in my head and how (at least to me) I sounded like I was hiking up Mt. Everest.

No one could have prepared me for the shit my nerves took all over the apartment through my pacing and animated hand waving while frantically searching for the right words.

A regular at the coffee shop asked me if I’d like this.
It may not have been the most colorful of Mr. Clayton Bailey’s painted clay Nitepots, but I think it looks great in my living room anyway…

A regular at the coffee shop asked me if I’d like this.

It may not have been the most colorful of Mr. Clayton Bailey’s painted clay Nitepots, but I think it looks great in my living room anyway…

If there was ever a question we wanted to ask without hesitation, it was, ” Is there something wrong with us?" The response would be prefaced with a small, soft smile, warm with affection and a faint tilt of the head. The likeliest of all replies would go something like, " Of course not! You’re perfect…"

But if honesty prevails, we believe that this response is a template easily insertable to any occasion that requires support and comfort. This response ends up tasting stale and reverberates, echoing wherever our insecurities settle; similar to the way a dish that has been over-seasoned with garlic haunts the mouth for the next few hours and seeps from the skin for the next 24.

No, the response, most likely consoled from a friend, must be an I-Pass; managing the time it takes to weasel out of an impromptu therapy session so as to not waste time dwelling on things that make us sad. Of course, those friends undoubtedly make us feel as though we are moody and unbalanced. Those friends often display signs of pity accompanied with sighing and longer-than-usual pauses in-between statements of comfort. Then what shall we do? The easiest, most thoughtless route to take is to feel agitated.

For whatever reason, the reflection we’ve seen in the mirror is only a sliver and shade of the whole of our beings. We see ourselves as being the people we assume society rejects and makes fun of.

We’re the guy who, ever since the traumas of high school, has been unable to convince the rest of the guys he’s “got what it takes,” whatever the hell that means…

We’re the girl who keeps her arms folded over her stomach because she’s uncomfortable in her own body…

We’re those who feel undesirable…

We’re those who feel unacknowledged, underestimated, unappreciated, over-looked and forgotten, dismantled, burned-out, and beaten.

Let’s forget the pep-talk and the rallying to unite the underdogs and promote acceptance and well-being. I’d rather pinpoint the source of all of the shit we believe about ourselves, because that’s exactly what it is.

Once we exercise the honesty we truly deserve to serve ourselves, we won’t go asking for the predictable template, approaching-tongue-in-cheek response we have come to expect from those around us. Maybe then we can start stating things like, ” There’s something wrong with you.

When you need to write comprehensibly, but only stutter

I have recently moved away from disaster and the requirement of unattainable perfection that has plagued me for the past year. It very well may have been two years, but the most notable span of time in which my own life seemed to be inconsequentially unimportant was the past year…

I’ve been determined to succeed and I have succeeded in many things. The most admirable successions are not unlike the keepsakes a mother would stow away in a hutch filled with fine china. The china I am referring to is nearly never used. It is too precious for day-to-day use and abuse…

What is there to understand about possession? What does it mean to possess and be possessed? I possess too many clothes. Perhaps I am possessed by the comfort of owning. Those who are arrested for possession must then be experiencing some kind of internal possession. We are possessed by our health. Some of us are obsessed with controlling our bodies, but the body has proven itself capable of controlling us. In those instances, we become a submissive shell of the spirit and flesh that once possessed life…

The last things I ever made in my undergraduate career at Whitewater. It’s something I want to keep pursuing.

These heads are about health and control, or lack thereof.

"Parts to Hole; Lack Thereof"
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